Rejection, how does it make you feel?



I trust you are well. As for me, I’m okay, with occasional pangs of anxiety, excitement, and we muevvve.

The last couple of weeks has been eventful for me, two of my girls got married, wiunnnn! I was privileged to assist one of them with event coordination (Now a serious side hustle for me), please book and refer me. Enjoyed and learned from the process. Thanks, Mo for trusting me.

Hmm, so I have received more than 10 job rejection emails in the last 6 weeks, I think I might open a job application spreadsheet to keep track of this. Whenever I get these emails, I usually react in any of the following ways;

  • I mouth out a ‘LOL’ and keep scrolling. Affirm to myself that I am Champion.

  • Damn, what happened? Then I proceed to rack my head for a few hours, smh.

  • Sigh, God when! I try to sleep, eat or walk around.

  • It is well o! Silent prayer and sings a worship song. (Works like magic)

  • AHHH, YEEE! Hot tears from my eyes.

  • Nawa o, who did I offend. Grabs a bar of chocolate and opens Netflix.

  • Drops phone or close the laptop, to stare at the ceiling.

  • Opens Twitter to tweet, and then save the tweet to draft. Few seconds later, delete the draft.

  • WTF! Accompanied with instant headache.

Dealing with rejection isn’t beans, it’s tough! You can allow yourself to feel it sometimes but deal with it, as fast as you can, it shouldn’t overwhelm you. Talk to someone if you can, ask for feedback or find a way to cool off.

The last rejection message I received was more personal, because the CEO reached out to me directly on LinkedIn (Scriiimmmmm) we had a chat, I did the task and boom he said we can’t proceed with your application. I reacted with hot tears, it was a role I was looking forward to; Product Marketing and Communication with a FinTech. I mean, E choke! I was too weak and pained to ask why did you reject me, afterall I am legend in the making.

I became better when I realised that he probably wanted something different and I didn’t offer that at the time, which is totally fine. I still like the brand and will recommend it any day. Rejection shouldn’t culminate into resentment, let the pain go.

So, my dear - in that after moment of rejection; job, shot shooting or business, think about the positives in your life. Think about how the most hyped year in the 21st century turned out and yet you survived. Think about God’s goodness and the joy of the people/things you love. I wrote lightly about keeping a gratitude journal in my last letter. Check it out!


I am free from fear of rejection · I am professionally confident · I remain relaxed even though I might be rejected  ·I am a legend, legends get rejected too.

What God cannot do, does not exist.

How do you deal with rejection? I’ll love to read from you #FillingswithTobyDonut.

Love, Croissant and Cappuccino.


PS: Amidst all the rejections, I also received a few - join this zoom call, come to our office to present this document and hey, I went through your profile emails.