Nigeria, what's next?

O crazy o!

Eyin Temi,

You know, 2020 has been the year! Kudos o especially if you live and work in Nigeria, honestly ‘on earth’.

I spent months researching on ‘Japa’ just like many of you. Can Nigeria ever be good, is there still hope?

The Nigeria of today, is not a progressive nation, how can we fix it? What can we do as the future of this nation, even though most of our recent efforts were frustrated by the government.

2023 seems so far, a lot is wrong in this country at the moment. Some sources acknowledge that Nigeria is almost a failed state, a whole Nigeria oo sigh! The second largest bitcoin marketplace in the world + the extra usual accolades.

Lekki massacre silence, Leah Sharibu is still missing, CBN here and there with FinTech regulations and the economy in general, extreme insecurity and so many other gbas gbos.

The biggest flex is that na we dey do ourselves or rather na them dey do themselves. I mean it’s people at the helm of power right!

If you have any ideas on how we can make Nigeria better in all ramifications, drop a comment below or via #FillingswithTobyDonut on Twitter.

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Puff puff, zobo and well wishes,

Toby D.