Mental Detox

Cleanse your mind

Dear Friend,

It’s been long yeah, no matter how I try to run away from this letter. I keep coming back, loveet!

For weeks, I was bloated with fear, pain, and uncertainty. I took the time to cleanse and detoxify my mind.

Not with green juice and mint water, but with the word of God, prayers, positive vibes, setting social app limits, affirmations, good music, and rest. I’m not done, I realized that life’s journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep it moving, detox whenever you need it.

Come to terms with the ups and downs of life, don’t pause. Carry go!

Do you need a detox? Mental health, what are you waiting for, start now. Read this and this

A tiny tip; keep a gratitude journal. It will put you on track. A gratitude journal is where you write the things or people you are thankful for, you can make entries as often as you like.

I’m going to write to you more often, in the meantime, tell me about you, have you done any cleanse this year? I’ll love to read from you.

Remember to use #FillingswithTobyDonut. Have a blissful week ahead

Love, strawberry filled donuts and hot raspberry tea.

Toby Donut

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I got news, hurray!!! I got myself something nice, the most exciting part of this process is achieving a set goal, the way this year surprised us, the goal looked impossible but I did it by the grace of God. Looking forward to achieving more set goals!

Set that goal. What God cannot do, does not exist!