GTM strategy for everyday living

The title sounds deep, but you get what I mean.

First of all,

Happy new year darlings. This year will be grand! Amen.

So, I have spent the last couple of days living on the internet searching for opportunities, courses, and basking in the good of the internet. In fact, there’s a not so new app in the Tech block called ClubHouse a new type of social app based on voice. Have learned a number of interesting things on there especially on the career side of things. You should check it out!

Today’s topic is different and I love it, I hope you do too. One of the goals this year, is to feed you with diverse and cool topics that can help you navigate through different issues.

What is a (GTM)Go To Market strategy? It’s essentially your marketing plan for making sure your target market knows about your brand. In lay-mans terms and in the context of this letter, it’s your plan to level up or reach your potential. Consider one of your goals as a product and you are trying to break into a new market or trying to reach your current market.

Your plan must be agile, seek to understand your persona and devise ways to attract the right people or offerings for jobs, collaboration, or partnerships. You also need to understand the market or people you’re seeking to attract and have a long term development goal, it could be a subset of a particular goal or an entirely new goal.

In Product Management, it’s helpful to look at real-world examples and case studies, to see how smart GTM strategies can launch a product into greatness. Read books or watch videos of personalities you want to emulate, brands you want your business or company to mirror or surpass and learn from them; the good and bad.

To avoid stress in your everyday living which you can’t really avoid if you live in Lagos, sorry. Actually you can! You need to have a crisp idea of what you want out of life albeit personally, professionally, and so on. This understanding might not hit you once o, you need to develop a roadmap/plan, it will help you to ascertain your readiness and also help you to build yourself or your brand.

In Product Management, some products are labeled unfit for the market. It basically means the product is not needed etc. With us, as humans, some of our goals isn’t fit to work, don’t ignore the warning signs and take a step back to re-evaluate. If you ignore the warning sign, you’ll learn from it. That it didn’t work doesn’t mean it will never work.

For instance, I took a decision to start a professional qualification I thought I absolutely needed and was ready for, well it ended in premium tears and countless headaches. It was in my roadmap but my GTM strategy for this particular goal flopped. Guess what, it’s not a prerequisite for excellence and I can still make it work.

Don’t be scared of failing, ever!

Understand your goal, yourself, and the market you want to enter.

Bonus: Put everything to God in prayer.

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