Six months later and NLP!

Dear Friends,

It's been an eye-opening, fascinating, and stressful few months. I made this mini-blog to own/produce a variety of digital things as well as to keep my mind occupied and active.

Alas, I struggled with this and other digital products I own. Today’s letter is not for complaints and whatnots, it’s for gist and gratitude to God.

Towards the end of February and beginning of March, I started working in the most incredible and craziest place ever, I love it honestly. I look forward to coming to work every day, okay on most days.

The Gist - I started actively watching Harvesters Next Level Prayer ‘NLP’ in January, I used to occasionally watch it but in January, it became a routine. One great morning during the prayers, Pastor Bolaji, the lead pastor of Harvesters re-iterated that prayers are usually backed with instructions. I prayed for guidance and asked the Holy Spirit to give me instruction. I cold-messaged ‘One Chairman’ on LinkedIn, followed up twice lol, and behold, I got the job without doing any major interview.

My people, God is so good.

I have mixed feelings after six months on the job, but largely gratitude. My life has changed significantly; I now use the most up-to-date Apple products, have moved into a new apartment, hired a driver for my car (although I now drive myself hahaha), and interact with fantastic individuals on a regular work basis. All I have to say is that my God is good and kind to me!

I am grateful to God for my life, family and friends, career, job, and future.

What are you thankful for?

Join the Harvesters Next Level Morning Prayer with Pastor Bolaji Idowu, 6:30 AM WAT (Monday - Fridays)

Join via YouTube, Instagram, and Mixlr

A sample of their flyer below

PS: I've had this letter in my drafts for months, and it's finally going out.

Expect to hear from me, bi-weekly. My newsletter is getting a makeover!

Do have a blissful week’end ahead.

With Peppermint Tea and Avo Chicken Salad.

Toby Donut