Develop your Talent Stack

You have a talent stack

Are you a multi-potentialite, like many others?
Do you often feel like you might explode because you can do so many things and you sometimes end up not doing nothing?
Do you ever feel like you made a mistake with your current career?
Have you ever felt stuck because you can’t seem to combine doing what you love and what pays you?

If you answered yes to all or any of the above questions, then this letter is for you 🤩

Talent Stack

A concept by Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic. It’s the idea that you can combine normal skills until you have the right kind to be extraordinary.

“When you add in my ordinary business skills, my strong work ethic, my risk tolerance, and my reasonably good sense of humor, I’m fairly unique. And in this case that uniqueness has commercial value.” -Scott Adams.

Developing and understanding how a talent stack works is imperative.

Apart from becoming world-class in one skill, talent can come from having a unique stack of skills that no one else has. You can utilize different skills to create value in a way no one else can, thus becoming one-of-a-kind in your own league.

A talent stack is a set of complementary skills that make you unique to the market. -Davies

For instance, if you become a blogger you might develop a few skills to further stand out from the competition: marketing strategy, website development, public speaking, podcasting and networking skills. With a large mix of skills, you’ll be able to stay ahead despite constant market changes.

The key is to stack different things together and become extraordinary. I decided to use my project planning and coordination skills to start an event planning business amongst other things.

You don’t need to be the best in every skill, don’t stress yourself. Simply learning a new skill opens up so many options e.g Product design, Video editing etc. For you, learning and combining different skills may be the answer to discover your passion and talent.

Talent won’t jump on you, if you sit waiting for it to fly. Get to work dear.

What you’re learning doesn’t have to be what everyone is learning because it’s profitable or it’s the most tech thing to do, learn a skill that you find interesting.

Quick story: I picked up Data Analysis/Science in 2018 because it’s a valuable skill, you can earn well etc haha, I struggled with it. I can’t even imagine me doing full time Data Science or Analysis nevertheless I know a few data things which helps me in my day to day job sha but it’s not part of my talent stack right now. You get my point 😂

There’s a lot more to know about talent stacks, I’ll be dropping a Podcast episode on this topic this week, stay tuned. Excited because it’s been way too long.

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Love, TobyD.